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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A beanie for a one year old boy. Here is the car pattern. I got it off this site: The hat. Step 1: Chain 6. Step 2. Join the chain with a slip stitch. Step 3. Half double crochet in the loop 11 times. Step 4. take another piece of yarn, put it behind the stitch that you're going to be working in. (I do this instead of counting how many stitches I crochet in). Half double crochet twice in each stitch around until you get to your stitch market. (that's an increase in each stitch around). Step 5. put your stitch market where your going to start. One half double crochet in the first stitch, and then two half double crochets in the next. Do this all the way around, until you get to where you began (your stitch market). Step 6. put your stitch market at the beginning. in the next two stitches make one half double crochets in the next two, then in the third stitch make your increase, two half double crochets. Step 7.  in the next three stiches make half double crochets in the next three stitches. in the fourth make two half double crochets for your increase. This is for a toddler. So now Step 8. keep your stich marker there, double crochet until your hat is about 8' inches since this is for a toddler. I use this site for a size chart. I should make vidoes, or you can go on youtube. youtube is great for teaching.

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