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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Child missing

Same home town I grew up in. I have two girls. My world would end, because they are my world. I post this on my blog, because she could be out of state  by now.

Westminster PD
Jessica has some unique facial features to pay attention to:

1) A gap between her two front teeth. It's fairly obvious and a distinguishing characteristic.

2) A sore at the top of her nose just below where her glasses sit. The sore doesn't heal, so it's a good indicator.

Send all tips and leads to or call the tip line at 303-658-4336.

PLEASE PRINT flyers and pass them out.

Repost < 3 me Jessica could have been taken out of state by now. We are urged to share her story no matter where we live.
To print a flyer for posting out of state: To post out of state
Business card sized flyer: Business Card Sized
Update 10-7-12 5pm
A backpack was found in the town of Superior Colorado.  Police have said they have reason to believe it is Jessica’s.  They could not share why they believe this but it’s the only break they have had in the case.  It’s been 3 full days since she was last seen and tomorrow morning will mark 72 hours.  Police are still seeking any clues that could lead them to what has happened to Jessica and where she may be.  They urged the public to keep using social media to spread the word and her photo.

Update: 10-7-12

With around 800 volunteers joining in the search on Saturday, few clues have been given.  Clothing and other items have been collected but police have not linked them to Jessica.  Police say that an organized search including volunteers is not planned at all for Sunday.  Police and FBI are following up on over 100 tips they have received.  Police suggest using social media to spread the message and keep her picture circulating. At this point they have located Jessica’s father in Missouri but currently don’t believe he is involved in her disappearance.
****Please find a printable version of the updated flyer here: 10-7-12 Poster  ****

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